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Engemini enables the design of multiple samples molds for FAST/SPS machines, thus boosting your manufacturing throughput above and beyond.

Our “multi-sample” module enables the creation of molds capable of simultaneously sintering multiple parts, that assure the thermal homogeneity of the parts and the mechanical distribution of the multi-sample molds.

Therefore, this module will boost FAST/SPS manufacturing productivity by calculating the optimum sintering conditions and mold geometry; the mold design is generated depending on the number of parts to process and the machine parameters selected.

Boost your productivity and master FAST/SPS multi-sample production.

ENGEMINI is the ideal solution to optimize your FAST/SPS cycles, find the optimal machine settings and increase your manufacturing productivity.

High-throughput manufacturing of homogeneous, dense and reproducible parts.

This module will soon be available, stay tuned.

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