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ENGEMINI R3D is the distillation of our core expertise in the densification of complex parts.

Manufacture Complex Forms with FAST/SPS


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Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the perfect technology for complex designs. However, a limited number of materials remain printable.

Binder Jetting (BJ), which is a powder deposition process, is the technology that offers the best possibilities in terms of printable materials but many other technologies are compatible such as Stereolithography (SLA), Material Jetting (MJ) or Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

After process, the parts are porous and needs to be sintered to increase the mechanical properties. Simple sintering process are effective, but the microstructure remains nonhomogeneous and coarse.

Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) can be added to the 3D printing process to densify complex parts within an hour with a strong increasing of the thermal and mechanical properties. Compared to other sintering techniques such as natural sintering, Hot Pressing (HP) or Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) that might struggle to achieve a full density or a fine microstructure, Spark Plasma Sintering can easily densify up to 99.5% while keeping a fine and controlled microstructure.

With preform & counter form techniques, any materials can be densified even those that are not currently printable such as highly refractory materials and composites (e.g., ZrB2-SiC)

Advantages of bridging AM & FAST/SPS

  • Densification of complex part in less than 1h
  • Enhancement of mechanical performance
  • Material waste under 1%
  • Near net shape parts
  • Fine microstructure
  • Can densify any material between 200 and 2400°c
  • Can densify materials that are not currently printable


When sintering, a part can shrink up to 35% and with the FAST/SPS process which is a multi-physics process, combining thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties this effect is much more difficult to anticipate.

Combining 3D printing and Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) can be challenging, the deformation of the part needs to be anticipated to be sure to obtain the right dimension after sintering.

The control of the sintering process is also critical and can cause failure if not mastered.

Those challenges can result in waste of materials, unnecessary cost and prevents you from harnessing the combination of these compelling technologies


ENGEMINI R3D is the distillation of our core expertise in the densification of complex parts.

ENGEMINI R3D offers a comprehensive toolkit to design, simulate and manage the FAST/SPS process control of complex designs by combining 3D printing and FAST/SPS.

Engemini R3D aims to simplify the application of both technologies while substantially reducing machine running costs.

By anticipating the deformation of parts during the sintering, Engemini can predict the dimensions of the part to be printed from a CAD file so that anyone can predict/anticipate the evolution of the part during the sintering process without having a strong background in simulation.

With ENGEMINI R3D, enjoy the performances of FAST/SPS with the complexity of Additive Manufacturing.

Key advantages of ENGEMINI R3D

  • Anticipate the deformation of your parts to achieve the target geometry without trial and error
  • Predict the density and thermal homogeneity of your samples
  • Produce fully dense and high performing complex parts efficiently
  • Design your mold and minimize breakage while ensuring the highest thermal homogeneity
  • Control and optimize your process efficiency