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Digital Twin - SPS modeling & simulation

A digital twin is a digital computer-based copy of a physical object, system or process. Engemini's digital twin is the numerical representation of your Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) machine.

Modeling and simulation are part of Industry 4.0. 

They have allowed many industries to improve their productivity and their understanding of the fundamental physics that occurs in their process. 

This allows them to improve their final products through a better understanding of the effects on the parts.

For the first time, simulation and modeling is available for Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) technology through engemini.

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Spark plasma sintering (SPS) can densify up to 99.5%. However, this depends on the densification cycle, the heating rate, and the chosen temperature.

Densification can be challenging on some materials because of inapropriate sintering cycles which cause large thermal gradients inside the parts. It is very often necessary to "try and fail" on small samples to finally get the right result and be able to transfer to larger samples.

An inapropriate sintering cycle can therefore increase the risk of defect within the part due to an inhomogeneous internal temperature.

However, this often necessary "trial and error" step requires a lot of time, materials and undoubtedly money.


This is why the digital twin technology can be essential to optimize numerically the cycles and spend less time, materials and money on R&D.

Engemini’s Digital Twin simulates the full functionality of your Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) machine in order to predict and optimize the manufacturing process.

The Digital Twin module enables the user to anticipate the evolution of materials during the FAST / SPS cycle and predicts the densification and thermal behavior of samples during sintering.

Adjustment of the sintering conditions of the physical machine made possible by FAST / SPS modeling enables optimal cycle management, which ultimately leads to the creation of the targeted part at the first attempts.

With ENGEMINI, take your Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) workflow to the next level.

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